getting to the root of your issues

Welcome to this healing space

People step through the doors of the healing room for many different reasons.

Sometimes clients have deep traumas from the past which have never been acknowledged or are experiencing emotional difficulties which might be blocking their progress.

Others have financial, social, spiritual, sexual or physical issues but everyone, without fail, comes into the room to give themselves the time and space they deserve.

Time away from their daily routine and the space to acknowledge whatever's going on for them. 


Sadie has studied several healing modalities, most notably, BodyMind Balancing. 

BodyMind Balancing

BodyMind balancing is a comprehensive, holistic, treatment which combines basic aspects of Chinese medicine, kinesiology and hatha yoga. It is a simple, safe, non-invasive technique which treats 'dis-ease’ on all levels by re-establishing communications between the systems within the body and mind, restoring equilibrium, and promoting good health.

Our bodies have the innate ability to heal themselves and BodyMind Balancing will greatly assist this process.

"Optimum health lies in the connectedness between the heart and brain," said Helen Bolger of the BodyMind Balancing Association.

"The BodyMind complex is a series of systems that need clear communication channels between them in order to maintain harmony and health."

We are a sophisticated field of electromagnetic energy; the heart being the strongest generator of that energy. Nothing happens internally without an exchange between the systems, cells, and atoms — they are in constant communication with each other. However, due to the stresses of everyday life, these communications can become compromised, resulting in illness.

The origins of BodyMind Balancing


After many years researching the neurological problems of Dyslexia and ADD, Dr Allan Phillips (New Zealand) found that the body was comprised of a network of systems controlled by the brain. These systems worked well and kept the body healthy until they came under stress and then, like electrical circuits breakers, they shut down and the health of the system became compromised.

The problem was finding where the circuit breakers had blown and to get the brain to reset them.

He then developed a system called:  Neurolink which used the muscle testing techniques of kinesiology to test the the body for blown circuits and used the hatha yoga techniques of head/heart tapping and breathing to help repair them. 

In the early 1990's Dr John Veltheim elaborated on the technique and called it, 'Body Talk'.

In 1995, Helen Bolger and Paul Grimes were taught this system by Dr Veltheim and trained as 'Body Talk' instructors, they went on to practise and teach it in both England and Ireland but subsequently redesigned and developed it, renaming it as the BodyMind Balancing system- Helen Bolger.

Sadie was a recipient of the healing treatment for many years before training one to one with Helen Bolger.

Having treated many people from all over Ireland, Sadie's currently the only person practising BodyMind balancing in County Galway as far as she's aware.   

How does it work?

By means of dowsing/muscle testing, BodyMind balancing identifies, isolates, and targets where the body is compromised.

This determines where healing needs to occur.

Working with the body's intelligence, only that which needs to be acknowledged at that given moment will surface.

BodyMind Balancing addresses many disorders including general physical dysfunctions, immunity problems, emotional issues, thinking/conditioning patterns, and energy imbalances.

What to expect from a session​


Your comfort, safety and confidentiality is paramount.

It's advisable to wear something comfortable to an apppointment as clients remain clothed throughout the process but shoes are removed to aid relaxation on the plinth under the blankets.

The treatment is part energy healing (hands laid onto the head and body at different points) and part BodyMind balancing which is a process of listening.  All of your life's experience is held within 

the body and a pendulum (crystal on a chain) is used to ask the subconscious what needs to be acknowledged and released. 

It's a comprehensive process which starts in the brain, moving throughout the physical and emotional systems whilst tracing what might be affecting you environmentally also.

A tapping technique is applied to the heart area (the place where the  largest output of electromagnetic energy's held and a breath cycle is employed to help connect and release whatever is surfacing at the time.) 

Listening forms a huge part of the session and occasionally people are surprised to learn that it also involves listening to themselves. The words and stories you tell yourself are not always true and discovering that there can be a new narrative, can be a revelation.

To Heal is to soothe, settle, restore, treat, comfort


When  you cut yourself, antibodies, cellular renewal and coagulation all happen within you to assist your recovery.                

You heal yourself.

 When you release old patterns, question your beliefs and attend to old wounds; you allow the process.


      But you heal yourself.

 Whenever you seek help outside of yourself, know, that no-one else is doing it for you.

 But when we are together in a healing context, we seek a new perspective, isolate where the body or mind might be compromised and listen deeply to what needs to be heard.

 The endeavour is to heal.

  But you heal yourself.

  By Sadie Cramer