Sadie Cramer by Julia Dunin Photography-

Sadie Cramer

Originally from Devon, Sadie's lived on the shores of Lough Corrib, County Galway for the past twenty five years with her husband, furniture designer, Mark Hand and their four children.

A fine art Sculpture graduate, she has conducted countless art projects with individuals, school groups and the wider community all over Ireland

Art, healing and metaphysics have been life long passions of Sadie's who plunged into them at nearly age.

A turbulent childhood set her on a path of self-healing which she has found in traditional and alternative practises. Suffering from a severe hay fever condition led her to a homeopath and herbalists when she was in her early teens, she subsequently did an emergency homeopathy course when she was in her thirties and used homeopathy for her own children's ailments.

 An immersive gap year in Belfast led her to mind a baby with severe special needs. That year had a profound affect on her and ultimately altered the lens through which she views life now. During that time, she learnt how to look after another's body through massage, care and physio techniques, all taught to her by gifted practitioners assigned to the baby at the time.

She also encountered sensory rooms which were still quite innovative back in the early 90's and regularly attended one in Belfast City Hospital with the child. It was at this time, through her own art practice that she began processing and self-healing but also fusing art and healing. Her entire degree show two years later incorporated all these themes as did her thesis.

With a strong connection to children, Sadie worked as a nanny during her under graduate and post graduate years, always learning from the raw, fresh approach children have to everything whilst observing the coping mechanisms of those who were withdrawn or had behavioural difficulties.

The child and our formative shaping is at the helm of both her art and healing practices. 

Getting to the root of an issue can sometimes mean going back to an initial occurrence or event in childhood.   

Having had a few car crashes and a difficult delivery with her first child, Sadie sought help from numerous practitioners including Helen Bolger - BodyMind balancing originator. Around the same time, a friend's daughter became chronically ill and was homeschooled. Over a two year period Sadie worked extensively with her through art (she has since become a profound artist combining art and healing also) It was then that Sadie met Helen Bolger who was treating the same girl.




Having been a recipient of BodyMind Balancing sporadically for almost 20 years (it's something that we can return to when we become ill or upset) and seeing the profound benefits on herself and family, Sadie studied with Helen Bolger between 2014-2016 and subsequently set up a practice of her own, having already become a Reiki master in 2014.


Having learnt many shamanic, healing and massage techniques over the years through short courses and workshops as well as through self study, Sadie blends a unique form of healing and creativity into her one to one sessions aiding self-expression, personal freedom and personal potential.

Always curious, she's currently studying astrology and working with plants.  

Huge gratitude to those who have shared her path so far Xx