sAdie is deeply appreciative and humbled by these comments which have been kept anonymous

"For me, my visits to Sadie for Intuitive Healing/BodyMind Balancing were the most enjoyable, relaxing and informative sessions I've ever afforded myself.  How accurate and illuminating those readings were always amazed me and when the pendulum did a 'dance' at the mention of pearls, well, that tells its own story!

Can't wait to get to my favourite relaxation therapy after lockdown." 

"I went to Sadie for some personal healing after the death of my father. I was basically all over the place, both mentally and physically. She helped me to acknowledge the sadness I held due to his passing. The help I received from her was truly amazing, and for that, I'll be forever grateful."

"I have visited Sadie on a number of occasions for BodyMind Balancing, her space is very relaxing, I was surprised at what thoughts and emotions were released during the sessions. Afterwards, I felt my mind was clearer and more in touch with the issues I was having in my life at that moment.

I thank her for help on my healing journey."



Sadie is a very gentle, kind, big hearted lady. 

Her gentleness, patience etc...during healing sessions really helped me to get into the deepest part of my Soul.

I'm delighted to say there is nothing in my past that I/We have not dealt with and moved on from."